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Please note that products with multiple documents are delivered in Zipped format, You will need to unzip them before working on them. Most PC's have Winzip or
similar, if not there are many free unzipping programs you could download an example is 7-Zip downloadable from here
  1. What software will I need to open your templates and policy products?
  2. I don't have a PayPal Account, and as I am buying through my company I don't really want to open one. How do I make a purchase?
  3. What exactly is in your template packs and how do I use them?
  4. Where do I get a Material Safety Data Sheet?
  5. You offer a writing service - what do we get for our money?
  6. Do you sell specific task related and example documents?
  7. What Items are covered in your Health & Safety Policy?






What software will I need to open your templates and policy products?


We supply all our products in MS Word .doc format so they can be opened and edited on 99.9% of today's computers. In addition multiple document packs will be zipped, winzip or similar required to unzip.

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What exactly is in your template packs and how do I use them?


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Our template packs contain information, guidance, completed examples and blank forms sufficient for you to complete your own documents. We do not just supply pre-completed documents as these would not be acceptable as being properly assessed. For those persons with little or no experience our template packs are the answer.

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Where do I get a Material Safety Data Sheet?


Your supplier is obliged to give you all the material safety data sheets. You will need to ask your suppliers if they do not supply the MSDS automatically. If your supplier does not have the safety sheet, check the container for a telephone number. Then contact the manufacturer and they will supply the information.

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You offer a writing service - what do we get for our money?


We will write your method statements after asking you pertinent questions. With risk assessments the work area must be inspected. We will help you to write your risk assessments and offer generic documents that you can use as the foundation for your own risk assessments. These range from manual handling and slips, trips and falls to working at height and many more.


With COSHH assessments, we study the Material Safety Data sheet in full and note all risk and safety phrases, paying particular attention to the safe exposure limits. We encourage our clients to use the HSE's COSHH essentials website to carry out a back-up or full assessment using their free online assessment software.

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Do you sell specific task related and example documents?


Yes, these are currently available at our sister site CLICK HERE TO ACCESS.

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What Items are covered in your Health & Safety Policy?


Our Basic Health & Safety Policy contains: (1) Policy Statement; and (2) Health & Safety Policy covering the following:-


  • Responsibilities Managers
  • Responsibilities Employees
  • Health and Safety Advisor/Workplace safety advisor
  • Employee Health and Safety Rep
  • Implementation of policy
  • Consultation with employees
  • Risk Assessments
  • Accidents, near misses and first aid
  • Health Surveillance
  • Emergency Procedures Fire and evacuation
  • Safe Plant & Equipment
  • Safe handling of chemicals and substances (COSHH)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment- Incl.Portable appliance testing (PAT)
  • Welfare
  • Driving at work
  • Lone Workers
  • Information, Training & Supervision
  • Health & Safety Training Matrix
  • Office safety check lists
  • Example Method Statement
  • Example Risk Assessment
  • Example COSHH Assessment
  • Manual Handling
  • Work at height


    For a full list of the contents of our Health and Safety Policy, see the Policy page.


    Our NEW Health and Safety Manual contains a vast array of procedures, policy and forms. Our Health and Safety Manual can be edited and amended to suit any organisation.


    The index below shows the contents of our Health and Safety Manual, which actually contains well over 200 pages. Fully edited versions typically range from 80 to 100 pages. If you would like us to customise your Health and Safety Manual for you, please Contact Us for more information.


    Introduction to Health & Safety System

    1.0 Title Page
    1.1 Scope
    1.2 Purpose
    1.3 Review
    1.4 Document Control
    2.2 Organisational Structure
    2.3 Assigning Responsibilities for Health & Safety
    2.4 Management Liaison Representatives
    2.5 Health & Safety Legislation


    Management of Risk in Workplace

    3.1 General
    3.2 Controlling Workplace Access
    3.3 Staff Identification
    3.4 Risk Identification
    3.5 Assessment Control
    3.6 Risk Control
    3.7 Safe Work Practices
    3.8 Isolation
    3.9 Danger Tags
    3.10 Hazardous Substances


    Accident and Incident Reporting

    4.1 Determining the Root Cause
    4.2 Checklist for Investigations
    4.3 Accident/Incident/Near Miss Notification Form
    4.4 Reporting to Statutory Authorities
    4.5 Accident Response Flow Chart
    4.6 Review of Corrective Actions


    Emergency Procedures

    5.1 Emergency Planning
    5.2 Evacuation Procedures
    5.3 Post Evacuation Assembly Points
    5.4 Roles and Responsibilities
    5.5 Fire Fighting Equipment
    5.6 First Aid
    5.7 Liaising with Emergency Services
    5.8 Testing of The Plan


    Health & Safety Consultative Process

    6.1 Demonstration of Management Commitment
    6.2 The OH & S Committee
    6.3 The Health & Safety Committee Constitution
    6.4 Membership of the Health & Safety Committee
    6.5 Safety Meetings
    6.6 Safety Promotion


    General Safety Policies

    7.1 Golden Rules for OH & S
    7.2 Managing Non Compliance
    7.3 Personal Protective Equipment
    7.4 Plant and Equipment
    7.5 Housekeeping
    7.6 Smoke Free Workplace
    7.7 Waste Management


    Safety Performance Monitoring

    8.1 Statistics - Reporting and Recording
    8.2 Positive Performance Indicators
    8.3 Auditing of the Safety Plan
    8.4 Employee Information
    8.5 Reward and Recognition
    9.1 Employee Induction
    9.2 Contents of an Induction Program
    9.3 Visiting Contractors
    9.4 Induction for Others
    9.5 Licensing Verification and Recording
    9.6 Competency Checking and Recording
    9.7 Health & Safety Training for Managers
    9.8 Health & Safety Training for Employees


    Safety Inspections

    10.1 Safety Inspections
    10.2 Safety Inspection Checklist
    10.3 How to Act on an Inspection
    10.4 Employee Involvement
    11.1 Preparing a Safe System of Work Document
    11.2 Risk Control Schedule
    11.3 Reviewing Documents and Schedules
    11.4 Record Keeping


    Safety in the Office

    12.1 Ergonomics and Office Safety
    12.2 Working Space
    12.3 Modifications to Work Environment
    12.4 Visibility
    12.5 Occupational Overuse Syndrome
    12.6 Mobility
    12.7 Kitchen Appliances
    12.8 Kitchen Fire Safety
    12.9 Electricity and the Kitchen


    Health & Safety Templates

    Access Control Register
    Risk Identification
    Training Checklist and Training Record
    Out of Service Competency Assessment
    Danger Tag Competency Assessment
    Accident Checklist and Form
    Matrix of Notification for Company XYZ
    Fire Fighting Equipment Checklist
    Safety Toolbox Meeting Record
    Safety Register Template
    Training Needs Analysis For Managers Form
    Training Needs Analysis For Employees
    Workplace Safety Inspection Forms
    Safe System of Work Document
    Risk Control Schedule
    Office Health and Safety Inspection Checklists
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