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Method Statement

Been Asked to supply Method Statements?

These days just about everyone from a one man band to large corporations need to supply a method statement along with Risk Assessments and more.

Most of you will be looking for a specific method statement, You would find it very difficult to find exactly what you are looking for....

What is the solution? get someone to write it for you? ( it could cost a lot) or a better and much preferred option "Write it yourself" its not that difficult, after all its you or someone you employ with the knowledge of the job that will be doing the work.

Our website will have 2 types of visitors:-

  1. One will have some experience and will be here to see if they can find an example Method statement or Risk Assessment that just needs some editing to ensure it meets their site or job requirements.
  2. The second is new to this and needs to understand what is a method statement and how to write one.

We can help both........


For those of you that are looking for information, guides and examples then our very popular Method Statement and Risk Assessment Guide and Example Pack is perfect for you!...

This pack contains 30 pages of information, guides and completed examples of not only method statements but includes risk assessments, Starting with very basic versions, then intermediate and ending with very detailed elaborate documents to show you how its done. We have also included variations of our blank templates in Microsoft Word TM to get you started. Available for just £17.99 this document is available with instant download to get you started right away see Method Statement and Risk Assessment Guide Pack

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