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Building and Construction Method Statement & Risk Assessments


Due to popular demand we have put together a pack of 52 method statements & Risk Assessments suitable for building and construction work Valued at over £300 this pack is available for just £49.99 for a limited time only. Our Building and Construction Risk Assessment Pack contains:-


  • Blank Method Statement Blank Template 2014 Version
  • Blank-Risk-Assessment-Template-V2014
  • Blank-Risk-Assessment-with matrix v2014
  • Combined Blank Method Statement and Risk Assessment V2014
  • COSHH - Blank Assessment Template
  • COSHH - C001 Cement OPC
  • COSHH - C002 Crystalline silica dust
  • COSHH - Tile adhesive and grout
  • COSHH -Assessment Plaster
  • COSHH Dulux trade diamond matt
  • COSHH Dulux trade Satinwood
  • COSHH Dulux trade Supermatt
  • COSHH Dulux trade weathershield smooth masonry paint
  • COSHH Leyland paints- High Gloss
  • COSHH Sikadur 32 Part A
  • COSHH Sikadur 32 Part B
  • COSHH Water based emulsion paint
  • General Notes Demolition
  • Hand_back_certificate
  • Method Statement -Bathroom Refitting
  • Method Statement for- Builders clean
  • Method Statement for Control of Construction Dust
  • Method Statement for Drainage Work
  • Method Statement for Excavations
  • Method Statement for Reinforced Concrete Pours
  • Method Statement for Taping Jointing and Plastering.
  • Method Statement- General Bricklaying
  • Method Statement -Installation of Central Heating Systems
  • Method Statement- Installation of Electrical Services
  • Method Statement- Kitchen Refitting
  • Method Statement -Painting and decorating
  • Method Statement Residential Home Demolition
  • Method statement- Small building works
  • Method Statement- Wall and Floor Tiling
  • Method Statement-Block and Beam Flooring
  • Method Statement-Concrete Foundations
  • Method Statement-Taping, Jointing and Plastering
  • Permit_to_work
  • Risk Assessment - Slips and Trips
  • Risk Assessment - Work at Height
  • Risk Assessment 001-Residential Home Demolition
  • Risk Assessment- Brick and Blockwork
  • Risk Assessment- Buried and Overhead Services
  • Risk Assessment- Cutting and Grinding -Abrasive Wheels
  • Risk Assessment Disposal of Waste Materials
  • Risk Assessment for Electrical Work
  • Risk Assessment- Hand Arm Vibration
  • Risk Assessment- Manual Handling
  • Risk Assessment- Working with and Use of A Mechanical Cement Mix
  • Risk Assessment-Mechanical Excavators and Excavations
  • Risk Assessment-Work in Confined Spaces



Available at our sister site for just £49.99