Method Statement Template
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What is a Method Statement?


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A method statement is a sequence of steps taken to complete a work task in a safe manner.

The method statement should be written by a person that is competent in the task.


When a method statement is prepared, the risks are identified during the work sequence.

Steps taken to reduce the risk are then determined. Next a series of steps are written down

that are to be followed by the person or persons carrying out the works.

This sequence of steps should include all health and safety aspects,

such as personal protective equipment requirements, tools and equipment, and importantly,

safety related equipment such as scaffolding.


All control measures that have been determined whilst preparing a method statement

and/or risk assessment should be used as a "tool box" talk prior to the works being carried out.

By performing an overview of the method statement and/or risk assessment during the "tool box"

talk, everyone involved will have a clear understanding of the work to be carried out,

as well as the safe work method sequences and safety equipment required.


Here is a very simple example:- Scroll Down for a more advanced example method statement.


Method Statement for Making a Cup of Coffee


Ingredients:- coffee powder, milk, sugar and boiling water.


Equipment Needed:- kettle, spoon and mug.


Potential hazards:- Burns from the kettle or contents, electrical shock from power cable/source.


Method:- Ensure that the kettle's electric cable and the kettle itself are in good condition

and that there are no frayed cables or loose connections into the plug.

(In the UK this appliance would be PAT tested - "Portable Appliance Testing").


The kettle will be filled with the required amount of water, the plug inserted into the power socket,

and the kettle turned on.


The desired amount of coffee granules will then be placed into the mug using a spoon.


Once the kettle has boiled, it will be unplugged and the boiled water will be poured into the mug.

Milk and sugar will be added to taste.


If the coffee is made for other people, they will be informed that the drink is hot.

The above example is obviously very basic, but even the simple task of making coffee

carries some hazards and steps must be taken to reduce any risks.


This Example Method Statement is for  Air Conditioning Maintenance and is  more advanced........

Method Statement

(Safe System of Work)

Contract Name:



Description of Works:

(Main objective)

Air-conditioning Maintenance & Repairs

Expected Start and End Dates:

Assessment Date:

Assessed By:

Approved By:

Associated Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:-

( Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments etc)

Manual Handling

Slips Trips and Falls from Height Including Ladder Safety

COSHH     Pro-Universal™ Universal Coil Cleaner

Reducing Risk

Note Steps that can be taken to reduce risks associated with this task/s

  1. Only Trained and Certified Electricians and Air Conditioning Engineers will be permitted to disconnect and reconnect the appliances.
  2. Power tools will all have safety guards fitted as per manufacturer’s specification ( All tools 110v)
  3. Power tools will be connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter.
  4. Protective eye, ear and foot protection will be worn at all times, by all workers.
  5. Gloves will be worn at all times where sharp hand tools or heat (soldering) are used and where coolant is used.
  6. When the Pro-Universal Coil cleaner is used, wear full ppe in accordance with the COSHH assessment.

Manual handling of the interior units and outdoor condensers units will be carried out by trained persons.

Contract Supervision & Training:-

( Supervisor/s and Current Certification/training)


( Number of persons)(If Required List All Labour and their trades)

The maximum foreseen is 2 persons

Plant, Tools & Equipment:-

(List all)


(Ensure COSHH completed if reqd.)

Hand Tools

Steel capped boots

Gloves and goggles.

Step ladder.

COSHH for Pro-Universal™ Granular Coil Cleaner.

Oxygen Free Nitrogen cylinder 15kg

Welfare Facilities :

(Toilets, Washing Facilities & Drinking Water)

First Aid Facilities:

(First Aider, Location of First Aid Box)

first aid sign

Client facilities where possible.

First Aid Box kept in works vehicle

Work Method

(Key steps & stages of the work required)

  • 1.    Arrival at site, report to required named person and sign in where required.
  • 2.    Inspect the work area; ensure safe area around required working space and that clients staff  are warned of works and if signage required set up.
  • 3.     The electrical supply to the interior unit will be switched off and tagged if required, the supervisor will ensure that the supply is fully isolated.
  • 4.     Using a safe and inspected step ladder placed on a non-slip surface (rubber mats if tiled floor etc) the ceiling void will be entered, the filters removed and cleaned.
  • 5.     The internal unit will be inspected for any damage to wiring, wear and tear and cleaned in full.
  • 6.     Once cleaned and filters have been replaced the unit will be tested to ensure full working order.
  • 7.     The 15kg Oxygen free nitrogen bottle will then be taken to the bottom of the roof access ladder.
  • 8.     A winch suitable to wind the 15kg is in place, and will be inspected and tested before the bottle is secured and winched up to the top and moved onto the roof via access door.
  • 9.     The external condenser unit will have its electrical power switched off and tagged if required.
  • 10. The condensers will be cleaned and the pipework tested for leaks, the fins will be checked for any damage.
  • 11. Once cleaned and maintained, the power will be switched on and the unit tested.
  • 12. The entire system will then be checked to ensure operation is at the optimal requirements.
  • 13.  Any waste will be cleaned and removed, the staff will report back to the client.

Briefing or Tool Box Talk record

(This method statement should be used to brief all persons involved in the works. They should add their name and signature to show they have received and understood this method statement.)





This was a basic example of the risk and assessment process. Our Method Statement and Risk Assessment Pack contains some worked examples, from very basic to more advanced assessments, as well as blank templates in MS Word format for easy editing.


Our Method Statement and Risk Assessment Pack also includes resources and information to help you complete your assessments.